Customize prompt lookup behavior in a dbgrid

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How can I set a column in a dbGrid to ignore the prompt under certain circumstances?

1. Via customizing the prompt method in the object <source lang="vdf">

Procedure Prompt
  Integer iColumn
  Boolean bOk    
  move (true) to bOk
  Get Current_Col To iColumn
  If (iColumn=4) Begin
    // if in column 4 then check data
    Get Field_Current_Value Of Server_DD Field To sBar
    If (sBar="foo") Move (false) To bOk
  If (bOk) Begin
    Forward Send Prompt
Procedure // Prompt


2. Via entry_display

<source lang="vdf">

 if(certain circumstances) begin
   Set Prompt_Button_Mode to pb_PromptOff


 On_Key kPrompt Send myprompt
 Procedure Myprompt
   if(not((certain circumstances)) forward send prompt


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