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DataFlex is a database programming language created by Data Access Worldwide in the 1980's.

Since it's origins as a character mode product in the 1980's, DataFlex became a visual tool for developing Windows applications and from that developed further into the product we know today (Feb 2018, DF 2017/19.0) that fully supports Web services and Web application development. Because of the changing nature (and product names) of DataFlex over the years, on this wiki there are two main portal pages about DataFlex:


Dataflex started as a character based language, and evolved into the Windows based Visual Language Visual DataFlex which was initially a Windows only development environment, while character mode comes in both DOS and Unix flavours. Later, versions of Visual DataFlex and then DataFlex (the name change was implemented version DataFlex 2014 v18.0) became more popular than the character mode product, however, there are still many DataFlex 3.2 (and older) applications still doing their job today.

DataFlex Overview

The DataFlex software product comprises a suite of tools:

For a full description of DataFlex, it's features and benefits, please see [DataFlex] on the Data Access website.