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Getting started contributing content


The wiki allows you to edit any page by clicking the 'edit' tab.

Adding a new page

To add a new page you need to find an existing page and place a link to a new page on that .

You can create a link using

[ [ <link name> ] ] tag (without spaces)

( put whatever name you want the page to have in there)

When you press the new link on the existing page for the first time you get the chance to create a page.

So when you add to the wiki, you first create a link to the page and then you add the page (not the other way around which is the normal way in most systems).

using categories

Use categories to sort items. Put Category tags at the end of the page.

For example (again, without spaces)

[ [Category:<some category> ] ] [ [ Category:<some other category> ] ]

To mark that one category is a subcategory of another, click on the link to go to your category page, and in there edit the category page itself to add a 'category' tag to where it should point.

More details on the wiki style formatting used (cheatsheet) in wikipedia web sites.