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Hi there, my name is Torkild Ulvøy Resheim. During the nine years I worked for Emma EDB AS (with Ola amongst others) I learned Visual DataFlex while migrating and developing the BRAVO ERP system from console mode to Windows.

While doing so I felt that the VDF Studio left a lot to be desired. So late in 2003 I started to write my own IDE (VDF Tools for Eclipse) using Eclipse since I had been using the Eclipse platform for a few years. I was quite happy with the result and got the pleasure of using my own tool for a few years before leaving for greener pastures. Since 2006 I've been at Atmel Norway AS where I'm developing the AVR32 Studio which is an IDE for the AVR32 microcontroller architecture.

While I don't do much VDF programming these days; VDF Tools for Eclipse is still being actively developed and can be downloaded from Resheim Software.

My full public profile can be found at LinkedIn.