CCJGrid custom row height

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Normally you can't set the row height for an individual row in a codejock grid.

The following code shows you how-to do that.

Use Windows.pkg
Use DFClient.pkg

Use cCJGrid.pkg
Use cCJGridColumn.pkg

Deferred_View Activate_oListWithImage for ;
Object oListWithImage is a dbView
  Set Border_Style to Border_Thick
  Set Size to 332 591
  Set Location to 2 2
  Set Label to "ListWithImage"
  Object oThisProductList is a cCJGrid
    Set Size to 325 580
    Set Location to 4 5
    Set pbReadOnly to True
    Procedure OnComMeasureRow Variant llRow OLE_HANDLE llhDC Integer llWidth Integer ByRef llHeight
      Move 75 to llHeight
      Forward Send OnComMeasureRow llRow llhDC llWidth llHeight          
    Procedure ResetGrid
      Handle  hoPaint
      Integer iCustomDraw
      Boolean bIsVirtual bUseFocusCell
      Boolean bFixed
      Get phoReportPaintManager to hoPaint
      Forward Send ResetGrid
      Get pbUseFocusCellRectangle to bUseFocusCell
      Move 0 to iCustomDraw
      If bUseFocusCell Begin
          Move (xtpCustomDrawItem) to iCustomDraw
      Move (iCustomDraw ior xtpCustomBeforeDrawRow ior xtpCustomMeasureRow) to iCustomDraw
      Get ComFixedRowHeight of hoPaint to bFixed // ComSetCustomDraw resets this to True, must be restored
      Send ComSetCustomDraw iCustomDraw
      Set ComFixedRowHeight of hoPaint to bFixed
    Object oSTMAS_THUMBNAIL is a cCJGridColumn
      Set piWidth to 100
      Set pbEditable to False
      Set pbMultiLine to True
      Function DisplayImage String sImageName Returns String
        String  sXAML
        Move "" to sXAML
        Append sXAML '<StackPanel  HorizontalAlignment="Center" Name="Grid1" VerticalAlignment="Top">'
        Append sXAML   '<Border HorizontalAlignment="Center" Name="Border1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Background="White" BorderBrush="#FF1FA3EB" BorderThickness="0,0,0,0">'
        Append sXAML     '<Image Name="Image1" Stretch="Uniform" Width="75px" Height="75px" Source="%1" />'
        Append sXAML   '</Border>'
        Append sXAML '</StackPanel>'
        Move (SFormat(sXAML, sImageName)) to sXAML
        Function_Return sXAML
      Procedure OnCreateColumn
        Forward Send OnCreateColumn
        Delegate Set ComEnableMarkup to True

    Object oSTMAS_CODE is a cCJGridColumn
      Set piWidth to 197
      Set psCaption to "Product"
      Set pbEditable to False
    Procedure LoadData
      tDataSourceRow[] MyData
      String sXAML
      String sPath
      Send ResetGrid
      Get psBitmapPath of (phoWorkspace(ghoApplication)) to sPath
      Get DisplayImage of oSTMAS_THUMBNAIL (sPath+"\01.01.01_t.jpg") to sXAML // Put the image in the bitmap path
      Move sXAML      to MyData[0].sValue[0]
      Move "01.01.01" to MyData[0].sValue[1]
      Send ReInitializeData MyData False
    Procedure Activating
      Forward Send Activating
      Send LoadData


See also: cCJGrid Row Height