Dynamic codejock menus from a database

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Dynamic codejock menus from a database

Class of menu:

 Use cBgCjMenuItem.pkg
 // cBgCjMenuItemDynamic
 Class cBgCjMenuItemDynamic is a cBgCjMenuItem
   // Construct_Object
   {OverrideProperty=psCaption InitialValue="&Some caption"}
   {OverrideProperty=psImage InitialValue="Icon.ico"}
   Procedure Construct_Object
      Forward Send Construct_Object
      Set pbActiveUpdate to True
      Property Handle phoDDO
      Property Handle[] phoArrayofItems
      Set psCaption to "&Some caption"
      Set psImage to "Icon.ico"
      Set psDescription  to 'Bla bla'
      Set psToolTip      to 'Bla bla'
      Set peControlStyle to xtpButtonIconAndCAption
      Set peControlType  to xtpControlPopup
   End_Procedure  // Construct_Object
   // OnItemClicked
   // This event will be sent when a user clicks on a dynamically added menuitem.
   Procedure OnItemClicked Integer iTableID Integer iExtraParameter
   // OnPopupInit
   Procedure OnPopupInit Variant vCommandBarControl Handle hCommandBarControls
      Forward Send OnPopupInit vCommandBarControl hCommandBarControls
      Send DoFillDynamicMenu hCommandBarControls
   // Add all dynamic menu items.
   Procedure DoFillDynamicMenu Handle hCommandBarControls
      Integer iCommaPos iAantal iType
      String sCommaSepValues sEnkelvoud sMeervoud
      Handle hMessage 
      Handle[] hoArrayOfItems
      Handle hoNewItem hoDDO
      Integer iItems iteller iExtraParameter
      // First delete all items that were added before.
      Get phoArrayofItems to hoArrayOfItems
      Move (SizeOfArray(hoArrayOfItems)) to iItems
      For iTeller from 0 to (iItems-1)
         Send Destroy of hoArrayOfItems[iTeller]
      Move (ResizeArray(hoArrayOfItems,0)) to hoArrayOfItems
      Move 0 to iTeller
      Get phoDDO to hoDDO
      If (hoDDO <> 0) Begin
         // With this you can query some field value in a ddo.
         // This value will be sent with the OnItemClicked event as an extra parameter.
         Get Field_Current_Value of hoDDO Field Table.SomeField to iExtraParameter
      Move Msg_OnItemClicked to hMessage
      Open SomeTable
      Clear SomeTable
      Move "V" to SomeTable.Type
      Find ge SomeTable.Type
      While ((Found) and (SomeTable.Type = "V"))
         Get GetAddItem U_cBgCjMenuItem hCommandBarControls (Trim(SomeTable.Description)) False hMessage (Self) SomeTable.TableId iExtraParameter to hoNewItem
         Move hoNewItem to hoArrayOfItems[iTeller]
         Add 1 to iTeller
         Find gt SomeTable.Type
      If (iCounter = 0) Begin
         Get GetAddItem U_cBgCjMenuItem hCommandBarControls "<No menuitems found!>" False Msg_None (Self) to hoNewItem
         Move hoNewItem to hoArrayOfItems[iCounter]
         Add 1 to iCounter
      Set phoArrayofItems to hoArrayOfItems
   End_Procedure // DoFillDynamicMenu
   // IsEnabled
   Function IsEnabled Returns Boolean
      Handle hoDDO
      Boolean bEnabled
      Get phoDDO to hoDDO
      If (hoDDO <> 0) Begin
         // Only enable menu items when a record has been selected.
         Move (HasRecord(hoDDO)) to bEnabled
      Function_Return bEnabled
 End_Class // cBgCjMenuItemStatusAanpassen

The class uses a special subclass for the menu item:

 Class cBgCjMenuItem is a cCJMenuItem
   // Construct_Object
   Procedure Construct_Object
      Forward Send Construct_Object
      Property Handle phMessage
      Property Handle phoMessageObject
      Property String psMessageParameter
      Property String psMessageParameter2
      Property String psMessageParameter3
      Set peControlType to xtpControlButton
   // End_Construct_Object
   Procedure End_Construct_Object
      Forward Send End_Construct_Object
   // OnExecute
   Procedure OnExecute Variant vCommandBarControl
      Handle hMessage hoMessageObject
      String sMessageParameter sMessageParameter2 sMessageParameter3
      Get phMessage to hMessage
      If (hMessage <> 0) Begin
         Get phoMessageObject to hoMessageObject
         If (hoMessageObject = 0) Begin
            Get Client_Id to hoMessageObject
         Get psMessageParameter  to sMessageParameter
         Get psMessageParameter2 to sMessageParameter2
         Get psMessageParameter3 to sMessageParameter3
         Send hMessage of hoMessageObject sMessageParameter sMessageParameter2 sMessageParameter3
      Else Forward Send OnExecute vCommandBarControl
   // GetAddItem
   // Adds item dynamically
   Function GetAddItem Handle hClass Handle hCommandBarControls String sCaption Boolean bDivider Handle hOptMessage Handle hoOptMessageObject ;
                       String sOptMessageParameter String sOptMessageParameter2 String sOptMessageParameter3 Returns Handle
      Handle hoNewItem hMessage hoMessageObject
      Variant vItem
      Handle[] hoArrayOfItems
      Integer iItems
      String sMessageParameter sMessageParameter2 sMessageParameter3
      If (Num_Arguments >= 5) Move hOptMessage to hMessage
      If (Num_Arguments >= 6) Move hoOptMessageObject to hoMessageObject
      If (num_arguments >= 7) Move sOptMessageParameter  to sMessageParameter
      If (num_arguments >= 8) Move sOptMessageParameter2 to sMessageParameter2
      If (num_arguments >= 9) Move sOptMessageParameter3 to sMessageParameter3
      // Dynamisch object aanmaken.
      Get Create hClass to hoNewItem
      If (hoNewItem <> 0) Begin
         // Label maken
         Set psCaption of hoNewItem to sCaption
         If (bDivider) Set pbControlBeginGroup of hoNewItem to True
         If (hMessage <> 0)            Set phMessage           of hoNewItem to hMessage
         If (hoMessageObject <> 0)     Set phoMessageObject    of hoNewItem to hoMessageObject
         If (sMessageParameter <> "")  Set psMessageParameter  of hoNewItem to sMessageParameter
         If (sMessageParameter2 <> "") Set psMessageParameter2 of hoNewItem to sMessageParameter2
         If (sMessageParameter3 <> "") Set psMessageParameter3 of hoNewItem to sMessageParameter3
         // Dynamically add the menu as a child of the current popup.
         Get AddDynamicControl of hoNewItem hCommandBarControls to vItem
      Else Begin
         Error 300 ("Menu item" * sCaption * "can not be added!")
      Function_Return hoNewItem
   End_Function // GetAddItem

And finally to use it in your programs menu:

 Object oDynamicMenuItems_itm is a cBgCjMenuItemDynamic 
   // OnCreateAction
   Procedure OnCreateAction
      Forward Send OnCreateAction
      Set phoDDO to (SomeTable_DD(Self)) // This is an option...
   Procedure OnItemClicked Integer iTableID Integer iExtraParameterFromDDO
      Send DoThis iTableID iExtraParameterFromDDO
 End_Object // oDynamicMenuItems_itm

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