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13 January 2022

  • curprev 13:4713:47, 13 January 2022Wil talk contribsm 1,985 bytes +54 adding categories
  • curprev 13:4013:40, 13 January 2022Wil talk contribs 1,931 bytes +1,931 Created page with "Recently I had a problem at a customer who migrated all their data to MSSQL. So far no problem. But they want to employ embedded SQL and then use that in their app. That part of the app depends on RowID's so it would be highly preferred not having to rewrite that back to using recnum's. They are not using standard tables, so a recnum column is available, but not a rowID. (Not that standard tables have rowID columns, but I digress) So it would be nice if we can some..."