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With DataFlex you can create RESTful web services as well as consume those web services.

Client side

Consuming REST services was made a lot easier since DataFlex 19.0 when it added native JSON support.

Consume a REST service: See cJsonHttpTransfer and JSON Parsing and Transfer

You can find a demo of how-to use cJsonHttpTransfer in DAWs WebOrder workspace.

Server side

Creating REST web services has been made easy since DataFlex 19.1 with the introduction of the cWebHttpHandler handler.

For an example see the DemoSimpleRestService.wo file in the WebOrder example workspace.

You can create a REST service with earlier DataFlex versions, see here for how-to do so in DataFlex 19.0, but it is probably better to use DataFlex 19.1 in that case.

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Sourced from forum post: New REST support