Apply color to codejock grid column headers

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Sometimes you might want to color your grid column header. This is not natively supported via the DataFlex wrapper for the codejock grids.

You can however get this by using the following code:

    // In the cCjDbGrid
    Procedure OnCreate
        Handle hoMarkUpContext
        Variant vMarkUpContext
        String  sMarkup
        Handle hoReportColumns
        Handle hoReportColumn
        Integer iCols
        Integer iDisplayIndex
        Integer iMyColumn
        Variant vCol

        Forward Send OnCreate
        // As we use markup, we have to enable it and do so early on
        Set ComEnableMarkup to True
        // Color one column header yellow
        Get phoReportColumns to hoReportColumns
        Get phoReportColumn to hoReportColumn
        Get ComCount of hoReportColumns to iCols
        Move 1 to iMyColumn
        For iDisplayIndex from 0 to (iCols-1)
            Get ComColumn of hoReportColumns iDisplayIndex to vCol
            If (iDisplayIndex=iMyColumn) Begin
              Set pvComObject of hoReportColumn to vCol

              Move "<Border xmlns='' xmlns:x=''>" to sMarkup
              Append sMarkup "    <Border.Background>    "
              Append sMarkup '        <LinearGradientBrush StartPoint="0, 0" EndPoint="1,0">'
              Append sMarkup '            <GradientStop Color="Yellow" Offset="0"/>'
              Append sMarkup "        </LinearGradientBrush>        "
              Append sMarkup "    </Border.Background>"
              Append sMarkup '    <TextBlock Name="Sent" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Cursor="Hand">Sent items</TextBlock>'
              Append sMarkup "</Border>"
              Set ComCaption of hoReportColumn to sMarkup

See also: Colour (or Color) in cDbCjGrids (DataFlex forums)