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Many of the articles on this wiki contain snippets of free code and examples that anyone can use, thanks to the generous DataFlex developer community.

Following a DataFlex meetup (UK DataFlex Meetup 4th March 2021) where a couple of developers demoed code which was too big to be made available from this site, it was suggested it would be useful to have somewhere to place ‘DataFlex’ open source code from the community. And so, ‘DataFlexCode on GitHub' was born, thanks to Sean Bamforth and Marco Kuipers for volunteering their time and technical expertise in setting it up.

Everyone is welcome to use DataFlexCode, so go ahead and add your own repositories and projects. You can find information about how to use GIT for DataFlex development in the Using GIT for Dataflex Development guide on this wiki.

Currently, it’s not possible to assign a language of DataFlex to the Languages, but we are working on that.

Using DataFlexCode

The repositories in the DataFlexCode organisation are ‘Public’, i.e., anyone with a GitHub login is free to clone and use them. If you’re not familiar with GitHub, e.g., setting up, creating and forking repos etc., the GitHub Quickstart guide is a good place to start.

DataFlexCode aims to make DataFlex code from the community available from a central place. These are your options for working with DataFlexCode on GitHub:

Going solo

If you want to use an existing repo as the basis of your project, without any other complexity. Simply fork the repository you want to use and make your changes. If you find later down the line, that you want to merge what you’ve done back into the Main repository, you can do a ‘Pull Request’.

Contribute to an existing project

If you know from the outset that you want to contribute to an existing repo on DataFlexCode, either:

  • Request permission to access the relevant repo, so you can work directly on the code.
  • Fork the repo, make your changes and then add a ‘pull request’. The owner of the repo can then check the changes and merge in if appropriate.

Add your code to DataFlexCode

Depending on whether you want to place your code within DataFlexCode, or just make it visible on DataFlexCode, you can either:

  • Contact an administrator and ask them to create a repo (with developer rights for you) to which you can upload your code.
  • Retain your code within your own account and ask an administrator to fork the repo so it’s visible on DataFlexCode.

DataFlex 'Topic' on Github

You can use the 'DataFlex' topic to make your own DataFlex code repositories on GitHub more visible to other DataFlexers. By classifying your repositories with the dataflex topic (See how here) they will be displayed on the DataFlex Topic page.