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Tips from Marco

The DataFlex Studio has the possibility to use regular expressions in the Find dialog.

This opens the possibility to search for very specific things.

Find <xx> Table

Useful is

find .. Customer

where the . is any character, so eq gt ge etc.

If you also have and would like to find any number of spaces then you can extend it by \s for a space character followed by one or more with a +


Looking for a function that has a number as the parameter

function .* number .* returns

Basically, the . is any character and the * is any occurrence of the previous character. So it is matching:

any characters
any characters

Find old subroutines

^ is start at character 1 on the line
\w is a word character
+ is one of more of the previous
: is exactly that, a ':'

So this finds


But not if there is a space before the word or a space between the word character and the :