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DfRefactor is a tool developed for help with refactoring your DataFlex source code.

This project is the continuation of the Source Code Tools project which by itself is based on:

  • CleanMarkers
  • ReIndent
  • Unused Variables

It groups all of them together in one convenient package with a few additional perks, such as:

  • having options for registering the tool into your DataFlex Studio, for a 1-click interface to work on the file currently open in the Studio.
  • reads the indenting space preferences from your Studio setup
  • uses the scintilla code editor for displaying DataFlex source code
  • you can change the theme/skin
  • integration with Starzen's code source explorer

DfRefactor screenshot - click to zoom

The subversion repository can be found here:


The project page is here: https://projects.vdf-guidance.com/projects/dfrefactor