Enumerate windows fonts

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How to enumerate windows fonts

The following code will use the enumerate_fonts method to enumerate all available windows fonts in a comboform. This method has been a hidden method in VDF since long and will become public starting from VDF16.1

   Object oComboFormForceFontName is a ComboForm
       Set Size to 13 100
       Set Location to 184 181
       Set Label to "Font"
       Set Label_Justification_Mode to JMode_Top
       Set Label_Col_Offset to 0
       Function USER_FONTNAME String facename Integer height Returns Integer
           If facename ne "" Begin 
               Send Combo_Add_Item facename
       End_Function  // USER_FONTNAME
       Procedure LoadFonts
           Send Enumerate_Fonts ""
       Send LoadFonts


From topic on forum: Enum List of Windows Fonts ?