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For VDF applications to run correctly, a number of external dependencies need to be in place:


Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML)

Flexml was developed using version 2 of MSXML.

This version is no longer supported by Microsoft, but updates of MSXML will replace versions 1 and 2 with version 3. (Unlike versions 4, 5, and 6, which are installed as separate products.) This means in effect that VDF depends on MSXML 3.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) or later, which is supported by Microsoft.


Microsoft Windows GDI+ is a class-based API for C/C++ programmers. It enables applications to use graphics and formatted text on both the video display and the printer. Applications based on the Microsoft Win32 API do not access graphics hardware directly. Instead, GDI+ interacts with device drivers on behalf of applications. GDI+ is also supported by Microsoft Win64.

GDI+ is used by the Graphics Library from DAW, currently in Beta.

Note: GDI+ is not officially supported for use within a Windows service.