Get Datadictionary object from File Number

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Get DataDictionary Object from File Number

If you have nothing except the table number, you can find the table name, construct the data dictionary class name from that, and use Eval to get the class id:

  Function Create_DDO_From_TableName String sTableName Returns Handle
    String  sClassID 
    String  sEvalClassId
    Integer iClassID
    Handle  hoDD
    Move "" To sClassID
    Move 0  To hoDD
    Send Ignore_Error Of Error_Object_ID 54
    Move (SFormat("U_%1_DataDictionary", sTableName)) to sClassId
    Move (Eval(sClassId)) to sEvalClassId
    Send Trap_Error Of Error_Object_ID 54
    If (sClassId <> sEvalClassId) Begin
      Move (Cast(sEvalClassId,Handle)) To iClassID
      Get Create of Desktop iClassID to hoDD
      If (hoDD<>0) Begin
        // set a name so it is easier to recognize in the debugger
        Set Name of hoDD to ("Global_"+sTableName+"_DD") 
    Function_Return hoDD
  End_Function // Create_DDO_From_TableName

This assumes your DD's are called TableName_DataDictionary, like the pre 14.1 standard was.

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