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How to contribute to DataFlex Wiki

Have a look at Getting started with wiki if you are unfamiliar with using wikis.

Please make sure to follow the DataFlex.Wiki guidelines when posting content.

Check out wanted pages for topics that urgently need contributions. The category Stub contains a list of articles which have been marked as being in need of expansion. Also look for short pages which may also be stubs awaiting enlargement.

Creating a new page from Portal:Visual DataFlex

Here is a detailed description on how to create a new page for the DataFlex portal

The description assumes that you have a working user account on DataFlex.Wiki.

First open a new browser window with ( Keep this browser window open to be able to see the instructions as you go along)

  1. Log in (press the "Login / create account" link in the upper right corner)
  2. Click on "DataFlex" under Portals (on the left side of the screen. you should see "navigation" and "Portals" under a waterfall icon there)
  3. Click "edit" ( a tab link on the top of the page )
  4. insert
     [[Some Link]] 
    on the bottom of the page under "Requested Articles / Works in progress" (replace "Some Link" with your title)
  5. Press the "Save Page" button on the bottom of the page (left of "Show Preview")
  6. Click on "DataFlex" under Portals (on the left side of the screen. you should see "navigation" and "Portals" under a waterfall icon there)
  7. Click on the Some Link link you created on the Visual DataFlex portal (remember to change "Some Link" to your title!)

You should now be on your new page. You can now press "edit" and edit the new page .

Editing tips

  • Make use of the "Show preview" button to check how your work will look before saving it, rather than saving the same page again and again
  • For minor corrections (spelling, punctuation, slight rewording) check the "This is a minor edit" box
  • While using the "Preview", check your links using Right-Click => "Open (link) in a New Window (Tab)"

Keeping up to date

Check in every now and then to and click on "Recent changes". This will give you a list of what is updated. Once you have settled on what pages interests you , then you can add them to "my watchlist".

More questions ?

  • Write if you have questions
  • E-mail if you have questions

I left a few notes when Introducing VDFWiki at SCANDUC2007