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The List and Label Library enables you to take advantage of List&Label, the powerful and flexible Reporting Tool from, with just a few clicks and a few lines of code.

List&Label enables you to include all kind of reporting Tasks (i.E. Lists, Invoice-Style Printouts, all kind of Labels, Analysis Reports, Drilldowns …..) into your applications. Some Highlights of List&Label:

  • Print to Printer/Preview/Export
  • Powerful Designer for changing existing Layouts or creating completely new Reports.
  • The Designer can be distributed (depending on the List&Label Version) royalty free to your Customers so they can create/change their Reports on the fly.
  • Comprehensive Crosstab, Barcode and Charting Possibilities.
  • About 25 different Export Formats (PDF, HTML, XPS, Excel, RTF, TTY….)
  • Drilldown Reporting

Bernhard Ponemeyer wrote a great PKG for List and Label years ago, and this is freely available.

Useful resources for the List and Label Library

The latest version of the List and Label Library can be found from the Data Access forums, usually in the Code Library forum, or beta versions in the appropriate testing forums.

This section is mainly a selection of questions raised on the Data Access forums: