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Say you have a cwebHTMLEdit and you want to print the HTML result to a PDF file with a fixed name and destination.

You can do it via: "wkhtmltopdf" (WebKit HTML to PDF)

You can find the tool on this page:

Following is a DataFlex function that returns the full path for the exe-file (once it has been installed on the machine).

  // Return full path to "wkhtmltopdf.exe"
  Function HtmlToPdfExeFile Returns String
      Integer hoRegistry
      Boolean bFound
      String sExeFile sKey
      Get Create (RefClass(cRegistry)) to hoRegistry
      Set phRootKey of hoRegistry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
      Set pfAccessRights of hoRegistry to (Key_Read ior wkKEY_WOW64_64KEY)
      Get OpenKey of hoRegistry "SOFTWARE\wkhtmltopdf" to bFound
      If (bFound) Begin
          If (ValueExists(hoRegistry,"PdfPath")) Begin
              Get ReadString of hoRegistry "PdfPath" to sExeFile
          Send CloseKey of hoRegistry
      Send Destroy of hoRegistry
      Function_Return sExeFile

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