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This page describes a VDF AJAX Implementation of the ProductReview Example

VDF Ajax implementation

The current version of the VDF Ajax library uses several pages for input. The implementation rests upon "AJAX Web Browser Objects" that lets the application interact with the tables through the datadictionaries.

Web Service objects

Create a AJAX WebService Object to call from the clientside VDF Ajax lib. This webservice will be responsible for handling the serverside calls.

The Web Service object should provide the following functionality for session management.

  • UserLogin: checking if the supplied password is correct. Use User_DD
  • HasRights: does the logged in user have the rights to perform the chosen function. Use User_DD

The HasRights function should identify whether the user is administrator or not.

Web Browser Objects

  • SessionManager.wo: Handle session related information
  • item.wo : handling information about items.
  • user.wo : handling information about users
  • shop.wo: handling info about places
  • rating.wo: handle information about ratings

Access restrictions

"ordinary" users should only be allowed to alter information about themselves - e.g "Joe" should not be allowed to alter the address of "Bob". Ratings should only be edited by the user that entered it (or a system administrator).

only "Administrators" should be allowed to add new products and places to the database. E.g "Joe" should not be able to add all his favourite places and products to the list. "Ordinary" users should only be able to rate an item allready in the system .

Web markup

The web markup should be designed around forms, that evolve around the web objects.

  • login.asp: a page showing a login box
  • index.asp: display a greeting after a successful login
  • reviewentry.asp: a list of items with detailed ratings. show details about related users and items.
  • productentry.asp: Enter / display information about products
  • shopentry.asp: Enter / display information about shops
  • userentry.asp: Enter / display information about users