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Subversion is a popular Open Source Version Control system.

Standard Settings

The standard SVN port is 3690.

A good SVN client for Windows is Tortoise SVN.

Omitting data files

When coding Dataflex with the native database, then we do not want .dat files in version control. (They will take up too much space on the server in different versions). To solve this we need to tweak the svn setup.

The Global Ignore Pattern could be set to:

 *.dat *.k* *.vld *.hdr *.mtd *.dsk *.loc *.prn *.prp *.bak *.pkd *.pbg *.fld *.exe *.dbg *.trc *.doc

Importing a project

If you are importing a project, then remember to have write access to the repository URL you are writing to.

A description of how to do it using the Tortoise client can be found at [1]

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