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Most of the pages on this site are categorised (see Categories below), to help you find what’s here.

There are a number of Portal pages, here’s a summary of what they contain:

  • DataFlex Community – links to conferences, events , groups and useful third party DataFlex developer sites.
  • Windows Applications – list of resources for developing Windows applications.
  • Web Applications – list of resources for developing Web applications.
  • Web Services – background information about Web services.
  • Development Tools – lists third party DataFlex tools, libraries and utilities all in one place.
  • Data Connectivity – currently doesn’t contain much information, but potentially a valuable source of information now that DataFlex has moved on from the embedded database.
  • Character Mode – resources to assist developing DataFlex character mode applications.
  • Class Reference – information about classes produced by Data Access, now largely superseded by the DataFlex online help system.
  • Tutorials - a wide range of ‘how to’ articles spanning all DataFlex versions.

To add and edit pages, use the summary instructions in Getting started with