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The VDF Tools for Eclipse Wiki link feature was designed to easily integrate VDF Tools with a project Wiki. A root URL specified in the project properties is combined with the currently selected keyword in the source code in order to form a URL.

Select the project properties and the VDF catogory for entering the wiki root URL.

The idea is that certain words, such as class names can be used to form a URL linking to a page with more extensive documentation of the subject.


We're specifying the URL in the project properties.

We then put the cursor at the word dbView in the following code. Note that VDF Tools will by itself determine what is a word. There should be no need to select the characters forming the word you're interested in.

 Object oMaintenance_VW is a dbView
     Set Icon to "Wine2.Ico"
     Set Label to "Wine Maintenance"
     Set Location to 10 9
     Set Size to 110 313

Pressing Shift+F2 or selecting Open Keyword in Project Wiki from the editor context menu will open the URL Now, since this page is empty; continue by filling out the missing details ;-)

Ad Notam

When using a Wiki such as MediaWiki it is probably a good idea to use a separate namespace for this kind of documentation.

Any word in the code can be used. So you can use this feature for quickly linking to documentation for classes, functions, data files and more.