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DataFlex.Wiki is a free resource for DataFlex developers to share and promote their knowledge, ideas, resources and projects with other developers.

This wiki complements the thriving DataFlex community, and aims to provide a site where all DataFlex tools, utilities and resources (new and old) both from Data Access (producers of DataFlex) and third party DataFlex software companies are brought together.

wiki technologies

Other cool wikis

Collaboration in the DataFlex community

  • news://
  • The whitepapers (here Data Access do all the hard work)
  • (use twitter @vdfguidance to keep up with news!)
  • VdfQuery
  • SCANDUC (and other user conferences!)
  • Blogs. They are sources for good information.


DataFlex.Wiki was created under another name: VdfWiki. VdfWiki started its life as a response to a debate started at Charlotte's web

VdfWiki is about sharing knowledge about Visual DataFlex in a fast way ('wiki' is 'fast' in hawaiaan).

Living in the DataFlex ecosystem

  • Your contributions can be protected (We have administrators that will govern this)
  • the newsgroups are still great! We can ask questions there
  • the trainings from Data Access are still great! We can still save a lot of time learning from the data access guys.
  • The whitepapers are still good! They are a good source of information
  • still has its use! is good for sharing code and projects.
  • The blogs are still great. People can still share news and articles there!

Organisation of the wiki

The frontpage and selected areas have been protected


Check the list of users to see which users have "sysop" rights. --Jka 12:49, 25 November 2007 (CET)

Using DataFlex.Wiki

Checkout Help:Contents and Help:Editing for more information.

Getting an account

everybody can register for an account.

To get an account you can just press "create account" in the upper right corner of vdfwiki.

If you have experience from contributing to , then you should feel at home at VdfWiki (it is the same system - mediawiki).

Note that if you forgot your password , then the wiki can send your password to the email account you supplied when creating the account.

Posting guidelines

The administrators have setup the following guidelines VdfWiki_guidelines . Please respect these guidelines to make this a better wiki for everyone.

Reverting content

If you wrote something wrong on a page then you can click 'history' for the page. choose an earlier version that works - then save it. You will be notified that later edits will be lost.

Watching pages

First of all you can check all 'recent changes' by clicking the link in the navigation menu.

As the wike grows you can add pages to you watch list by clicking 'watch' page. Then you can monitor changes for that page in your 'watch list'.

Where to go from here?