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System features

System Plan

2008 Q2

GeSHi no longer seems to support custom languages like DataFlex. Wil (talk) 23:57, 23 February 2019 (UTC)

2008 Q3

  • namespaces support ( input from Mike ) Done

2008 Q4

  • Wasp2 integration (suspended )


  • DAW vBulletin integration (input from Jacob)
  • Integrated class reference in 'The hammer' (input from Wil )


  • Moved over to managed hosting by Antwise Solutions, ownership and stewardship of the wiki stays at Unicorn InterGlobal.
  • Upgraded to latest mediawiki version.
  • For syntax highlighting we have moved away from GeSHi and are now using SyntaxHighlighter from Seong Jae Lee. The GeSHi extension now uses a completely different bases and stopped working for custom languages such as DataFlex.

The new extension was fairly easy to customize. It itself is a small wrapper around the javascript library from Alex Gorbatchov's syntaxhighlighter.

It still supports the same code tags. Added lang="dataflex" as well which is now preferred instead of lang="vdf".

My modified version of the extension that understands dataflex syntax is available here:

  • Added a https certificate via Let's Encrypt


For mobile support we now added this solution:

Both the MobileFrontEnd extension as well as the automatic change of the theme to MinervaNeue when browsing to our site using a mobile browser. So this means that we also installed the MinervaNeue theme.

Fix syntaxHighlighter extension plugin to also correctly highlight compiler directives. (change checked into the github repo SyntaxHighlighter)

On hold

Add another off site backup to a 3rd party (not antwise)

New Users

Due to spam problems, anonymous account creation was disabled a long time ago.

It isn't too hard to get an account though. If you know one of the existing administrators then you can contact them and ask you to create an account on your behalf. They only need a username and an email address and (optionally) your name.

If you don't know an administrator then my suggestion is to drop into the discord chat and ask there for somebody to create an account for you at the

Steps for an administrator to create an account

Go to the account creation page.

  • Enter the requested user name
  • Check the checkbox on "Use a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address". We don't want to know the user's password at any time.
  • Put in the supplied email address
  • Put in the real name if provided / desired by the user
  • In the reason field put "Creating an account on request"

Click the "Create Account" button.


Namespaces support


  • Looks like GeSHi crashes every now and then. (but it saves the page)
  • GesHi rendering bug: < becomes "& lt ;" and > becomes "& gt; "

We are no longer using GeSHi, problem solved. Wil (talk) 12:22, 23 February 2019 (UTC)

other stuff

  • How to handle uploads
    • no .exe files

Page protection