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Welcome to the DataFlex Wiki.
The free DataFlex encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
169 articles in English


Welcome to the DataFlex wiki, a wiki for sharing DataFlex programming information.
This Wiki is a free resource that complements the thriving DataFlex community and aims to provide a site where all DataFlex tools, utilities and resources (new and old) both from Data Access (producers of DataFlex) and third party DataFlex software companies are brought together.

NEW March 2021: If you are looking for DataFlex open source code, there is now Read more at DataFlex Open Source Code on GitHub.

Tips for using this site

Most of the pages on this site are categorised (see Categories below), to help you find what’s here.

There are a number of Portal pages, here’s a summary of what they contain:

  • DataFlex Community – links to conferences, events , groups and useful third party DataFlex developer sites.
  • Windows Applications – list of resources for developing Windows applications.
  • Web Applications – list of resources for developing Web applications.
  • Web Services – background information about Web services.
  • Development Tools – lists third party DataFlex tools, libraries and utilities all in one place.
  • Data Connectivity – currently doesn’t contain much information, but potentially a valuable source of information now that DataFlex has moved on from the embedded database.
  • Character Mode – resources to assist developing DataFlex character mode applications.
  • Class Reference – information about classes produced by Data Access, now largely superseded by the DataFlex online help system.
  • Tutorials - a wide range of ‘how to’ articles spanning all DataFlex versions.

To add and edit pages, use the summary instructions in Getting started with

Recent Pages

These are the 10 most recently added pages on
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  2. Using cWebHttpHandler with JSON instead of tWebValueTree
  3. CCJGrid custom row height
  4. Apply color to codejock grid column headers
  5. Get the selected printer device name
  6. Handler "DataFlex 20.1 Web Services 64bit" has a bad module "IsapiModule" in its module list
  7. DataDictionary tricks
  8. RecnumToRowID
  9. DataFlex Studio Search regex tips
  10. DateTime functions

To see the 50 most recently added pages, go to Newest Pages


These are the categories to which most pages are assigned. Click on a category to see the pages within it:

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Want to contribute?

All users are invited to contribute on whatever way they can! If you're not sure how to contribute, try one of the following:

  • Upload pictures from a DataFlex event you attended! (click on upload file)
  • Find an event that you have attended and write notes for that.
  • Checkout the list of wanted pages. These are pages that are linked to, but not yet written. If there is one there you feel you can say something useful about, click on the link and start writing. Those with several links are obviously seriously needed!
  • Not sure you have any knowledge you can add? Contribute by helping with Formatting and Categorising of pages.
  • Still not sure? Feel free to contact one of the many frequent contributors to this site. We don't bite!
  • Due to combating spam, anonymous edits are disabled, so you need to get an account. If you don't have an account yet, then read here at the administration page how you can get one.